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Bell IT Services offers a wide variety of products in a number of categories. Below is a list of our focus areas with our top OEMís.



• Cisco
• HP
• Aruba

While there are numerous manufacturers of switches, routers, wireless access points, etc. we feel that products from these vendors represent the best performance, manageability, and breadth of product to fulfill requirements across the spectrum of sizes.

Power and Physical Plant

• Emerson Network Power
• Tripp-Lite
• Generac

These OEMís provide a wide selection of products covering not only power requirements such as UPSís, and power distribution units, but other needs such as racks, airflow management, and environmental monitoring.


• Cisco
• HP

Servers are the heart of the IT infrastructure and most other components in the infrastructure are designed to support access to, backup of, and availability of the data and applications that reside on these servers. HP is one of the most respected names in the server business offering everything from small tower servers to ultra-high availability systems. Cisco is the relative newcomer to the server business but its UCS servers have changed the way people think about deploying and managing the x86 platform.


• Nimble
• HP

From the extreme performance and of all-flash systems to multi-petabyte size block arrays to SATA-based backup targets, there are products from these vendors to fit just about any need.


• VMware
• Microsoft

VMware has been the industry leader for many years in the virtualization space and continues to dominate the market for virtualization. However, Microsoft has made significant inroads in this area and offers compelling cases for Hyper-V in many environments.

Backup and Recovery

• Veeam
• Zerto
• Acronis

Backing up critical systems is extremely important to any organization. As virtualization of these systems has become the dominant way to deploy them, Veeam and Zerto offer great products to provide backup and disaster recovery for these virtual systems. Acronis is widely used for backup of physical servers.

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